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County 2014 Image Files - 3 inch and 6 inch resolution

The 2014 Orthophoto project includes 6 inch resolution, 4-band imagery for the entire county. There is also 3 inch resolution imagery for the cities of American Canyon, Napa and Yountville. LiDAR data was captured for much of the Napa River valley.

The 2014 orthophotos are not available for download. However, you can purchase the entire image dataset on a hard drive from the San Francisco Estuary Institute for the cost of reproduction. Their contact info is:

Micha Salomon
San Francisco Estuary Institute
4911 Central Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 746-7353

Effective May 13, 2015, our imagery will be included in Esri's free World Imagery Service. More information can be found here.

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